Charlotte Pilgrim Fine Art

Where Abstraction Unveils the Layers of Human Experience

Welcome to my site. Abstract art — both non-representational and with abstract figures–suits my interest in creation and human understanding.

I am drawn to focus on the human tendency to identify with other people or to dissociate ourselves from them, and the emotional impulses that formulate what we consider to be rational, logical notions of who we are and what we believe to be true.

When we are faced with something that is indistinct, our minds project meaning onto it. Focusing on these subjects, I explore the effect of light, double images, reflection, and blurred boundaries. This exploration is both technical and metaphorical. I like my art to convey a dreamscape, with overlapping layers of meaning that one can see simultaneously.

Each work tells more than one story; it contains many messages, just as a building houses many apartments, or a city many lives and layers of lived experience.

Vienna Sonata

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Black and White

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Language and Art

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